The Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro debut

In April this year, have reported that Samsung will research and development for the Chinese market the new series of mobile phone, but has yet to meet with you. Recently, some media confirmed that Samsung is developing the Galaxy C series of new products, which is about to meet everyone’s Galaxy C7 Pro and Galaxy C5 Pro.

According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy C7 – C7010 Pro model for SM, the Galaxy C5 Pro – C5010 model for SM, it is reported that two device will launch in the next few weeks, but not about the release date and detailed information of the price.

Samsung mobile phone new patents: but with the screen to run Android and WP

Computer installed double system already is nothing new, many users and computer enthusiasts through different installed on a computer system to accomplish different tasks. But for smartphones, with double system are not so simple, although there are a lot of geeks have implemented such operation, but for ordinary users, is very difficult. But samsung recently applied for a patent, seems to want to double system smartphone to ordinary users.

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Samsung’s application for the patent in 2015, the hope can on one device at the same time run Android and Windows Phone system. And in the case of the coexistence of two systems, also can share common App, folders, and various resources. Even users can also manually adjust the system resources are assigned to different system, very thoughtful.

In addition, users can also between different systems folder for file operations such as copy and paste.

Of course, all this is just the samsung’s patent, and the specific how should realize is another question. But as the smartphone configuration and performance is getting stronger and stronger, in the future we carry on using dual system of smartphone is not impossible.