Samsung new notebook exposure

Media Liliputing exposes a set of new generation of samsung rendering of this notebook. The notebook the fuselage for 28 * 22.1 * 1.4 cm, the weight is 1.1 Kg, equipped with a 12.3 -inch touch screen, 2400 x 1600 resolution can be used directly when the tablet, also can match stylus input.

Hardware configuration, the carry this notebook six nuclear ARMv8 processor, 4 gb storage operation, 32 gb eMMC storage space, with 802.11 ac wi-fi, webcams, bluetooth.

Life, samsung said, the aircraft battery life for 10 hours, adopted new technologies, and the battery in the use of three years after the attenuation of not more than 30%.

Prices, from previous products and the samsung website information that this notebook’s cost at $499, but the specific time to market of samsung did not disclose.

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