Samsung mobile phone and the fingerprint identification is now

About two weeks ago, a source says samsung may be independently developed their own fingerprint sensor, and now, according to a new rumor, seems to have emerged a new situation. With investors, said the south Korean electronics giant, is considering changing fingerprint sensor supplier.

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Reported that samsung has started contact with new suppliers, and in addition to have a contact, the samsung will also in talks with another supplier, and the two suppliers will jointly samsung low-end products for the future provide 2 million fingerprint identification module.

If the rumors are true, then samsung’s fingerprint sensor module suppliers are quite rich. Samsung’s flagship model before the fingerprint sensor from Synaptics and FPC, and now if samsung chose a new supplier, it indicated that not only is the flagship model, the future to include more low-end products will also be equipped with fingerprint recognition technology.

But at present the investor did not disclose names, two new suppliers in samsung seems to develop their own fingerprint identification module, also need to purchase products from supplier, and this function will gradually cover the low-end and entry-level products.

Samsung S8 screen proportion will reach 90%

Note 7 ended up burning loss events, samsung is the next generation full build flagship Galaxy S8. According to people familiar with the matter, the machine will continue to use 2 k screen, Home health may also be cancelled. According to the previous message, the Galaxy S8 or up to 90% of screen.

A well-known source said on weibo, “news of the supply chain, the S8 don’t adopt 4 k screen continue to 2 k screen, but the new material is sure. In addition, there is no Home button component orders suppliers, means the S8 really want to cancel the physical Home button.”

After Samsung Display of institute of Park Won – sang to the Samsung Galaxy also S8 screen is described, “next year, Samsung is launching a have full cover screen smartphone, and the screen of this product will be as high as 90%.” At the same time, samsung smartphone screen technology will fully development, the goal is to produce a screen accounted for 99% of full screen real smart phone.